5 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Virgo This Jefa Szn!

It’s Virgo Szn, and at HDTM HQ it’s known as Jefa Szn. We don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is! We’re going into a month of getting shit done and getting our energy together! Here are 5 ways to unleash your inner virgo this month:


  • Make Jefa Moves: We know it’s make jefa moves all day everyday but it’s especially important to do so during Virgo season. Whether it’s organizing and completely cleansing your room of chaotic energy to taking on a completely new leadership move, always make jefa moves and be proud of those accomplishments too! 

  • Get it done: Been pushing that new business idea to the back burner? Stop that, Mija! Bring that idea into fruition! Beyoncé did not say: I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it for nothing! Take it from Bey, if you got a vision, manifest it and work until it’s your new reality!


  • Feeling uneasy? Virgos are known for being fussy… nah, they just know what they want and are willing to work until they’ve succeeded. Get that to-do list done and project that feeling of unease into new and pending projects!


  • Say Adios to the Male Vibra: Smudge your room, clean your cupboards, take this opportunity to collect yourself and organize everything that’s fallen out of wack. This can be personal relationships or how you’re feeling at your job, advocate for yourself and stay motivated.


  • Develop new and healthy habits: While actually sticking to your habits is difficult, starting new habits can be the hardest task of all. Take advantage of this season and start a new exercise habit, get back on the skincare routine you’ve been putting off on. Virgo season gives you the ability to actually walk the walk! So just remember, the hardest task is getting started! 


Like any other sign, It's ALWAYS Virgo Szn! Keep the mood going even as the sun enters Libra, here's a small playlist we made just for you Jefa <3