Hija de tu Madre Goes Back to School!

Your first day at Hija de tu Madre University is now in full swing! Time to set those new school year intentions and goals! Most importantly time to plan those new Jefa moves you’re going to make! We look back at school as a time of discovery of all things new but nothing brings back that nostalgia more than back to school shopping.


Here are some items for every type of student:


The Student That Loves to party but is super Estudiosa: The Si Se Puede Notepad will effectively help you balance out your day by filling out your To-Do list! Because nothing is more satisfying than checking off your to-do list right?


The Hustlin’ Student: Some people were made to be their own bosses and that attitude starts in school. Whether it’s selling chips or charging for tutoring, the Book of Jefa Moves Notebook will keep all of your future boss moves safe and secret from prying eyes!


The Sensitive Student: Face it, we all have our moments but some of us are more sensitive to stress than others The Tengo Muchos Feelings Notebook is perfect to keep your notes in but also to write down your feelings in.


The Student That Has the Most School Spirit: We all know that ONE person that attends all of the school games even if they hate sports but they do it to support their peers. The HDTM Shirt and Make Jefa Moves Pennant flag will definitely help your cheering stand out from the rest!



Here are some of the perfect companions for your notebooks and notepad, too!

The Poderosa Pen Set, Four perfect pens that describes and motivates a true jefa!

Our Stickers and Planner Sticker Sheet add a little motivation to your notes and your to-do list too! 


Last but not least, remind them that the Jefa is WORKING! Get a free door tag with purchase, while supplies last!



As your first day of school comes to an end, remember to do everything with intention! And just as much as you work hard to study acuerdate to take care of yourself tambien!