How To Be an Ally

It’s July 4th and we just dropped our new Fuck ICE t-shirt. While we love producing new products for all of you, we have to acknowledge the state of our community and the constant fear that undocumented immigrants feel due to current policy enforcement. While we can voice our anger and frustration con el Presidente Naranja, we can do so much more to help the members of our community who are at high risk. It’s easy to ignore that we have privileges as American citizens because we fall under marginalized categories: We’re women, brown, and / or queer. We have to remember that if everyone does not thrive with the same rights then our rights are merely privileges. Even if we feel hopeless with the news that’s coming out, we can do something as small as being an ally and an advocate for the undocumented immigrants in our community. We spoke with our Jefa of the Week, Sarahi Salamanca, Dreamer and Founder of the app, Dreamer’s Roadmap for some tips on how to be an ally. You can watch the IGTV on our Instagram

How to be an ally to undocumented immigrants:

1.  Get informed
This includes verifying ICE checkpoints, researching on why they migrated to the US (state of affairs from their native countries), and inform yourself on the current state of our immigration policies. This presidency thrives on fear and our community shouldn’t stay inside due to a false alarm about an ICE checkpoint.

2. Be Intersectional
Immigrants don’t just come from Latin America, they’re not all gender conforming, being an Immigrant is only one part of their story and why they came to this country. 

3. Be of Service, don’t just serve yourself
Don’t do it to give yourself the satisfaction that you’re helping them or document for the likes and comments on social media. Be of service because you really want to help them.. This is especially important if you work in a career that provides services such as: dental care, medical care, legal services, tutoring services, etc.

4. Use and Risk Your Privilege
If you’re ever in a situation where ICE asks for your identification, be the first to deny them. The chances of them checking everyone else's ID decreases and it lowers the chance of putting undocumented immigrants at risk of being asked that question.

5. Learn the correct terms for Immigrants
Don’t be that person; learn the proper terms for immigrants. It’s really dehumanizing when they’re already referred to as “illegal” or “aliens” on top from the constant dog-whistles that the president uses. Remember, no human is illegal.

6. If you can, offer to cover monetary expenses.
Make sure the money you’re sending is being used for good! One example of how you can cover monetary expenses if by providing a scholarship to Dreamers that will cover the cost of renewing their DACA paperwork or directly to organization that allocates donations straight to the cause!