9 of LA's finest LAtinas

We're officially kicking off Latinx Heritage Month with our LAtina Jewelry drop along Rizos Curls. The Latinx experience in LA is like no other, it can't be compared to the experiences in New York, Miami, or El Paso. While brainstorming for the LAtina drop, we thought about the important role that Latinxs play in serving our community. We continue to admire them while they use their platform to advocate for issues that affect our community, as well as promote the love and culture that we hold dear to our hearts. Here are LAtinxs that we love:


America Ferrera: Los Angeles born, born in LA to padres Hondureños, America has made a name for herself in the Entertainment industry. Her most notable roles include her debut in Real Women Have Curves, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Ugly Betty. Aside from her work in entertainment, she’s a fierce advocate for signing up Latinxs to participate in our voting process as well as a founder of the Time’s Up legal defense fund.


Becky G: Becky from the block was born in Inglewood CA and became widely recognized after posting her singing videos on YouTube. Since then she’s become a hit reggaetonera that fights against double standards in the industry. Becky G is also very vocal on showing pride for your roots and using her platform on immigration issues. 

Jenni Rivera: Born in Long Beach. An iconic figure to LA, Jenni is known for her banda ballads that have female empowerment themes. Unfortunately gone too soon, her legacy continues to make an impact through her philanthropic work for women experiencing domestic violence.

Tessa Thompson: We all know her for her role in Dear White People, Tessa Thompson has become a championing actress in highly acclaimed indie films as well as large blockbuster hits.  Aside from garnering Queer Afro-Latinx representation in Hollywood, Tessa is also a fierce activist for women of color in Hollywood throughout Time’s Up, where they battle inequality and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Patty Rodriguez: We listen to her every morning on Air with Ryan. Patty Rodriguez has become a household name with her line of bilingual children’s books known as Lil’ Libros. She’s also the founder of MALA a jewelry line that’s since become popular among prominent figures in the entertainment industry. Through her ventures, Patty has highlighted the importance of representing for younger generations in the mainstream media!

Paulina and Bricia Lopez: Owners of La Guelaguetza. The Lopez sisters have continued to garner wide success by serving the best mole in Los Angeles for the last 20 years at their family restaurant. Through mole and other Oaxacan cuisine they continue to spread the values of preserving their culture and traditions they were taught by their parents. Paulina an Bricia also host the Super Mamás Podcast which highlights the journey of motherhood and female empowerment. 

Julissa Prado: The sellf-Proclaimed Rizos Reina has built an empire around embracing and moisturizing your natural hair. Her products serve and celebrate the tightest curls to the loosest waves with the purpose of women loving their natural hair and most importantly, loving themselves. Julissa made it known that Rizos Curls is of the C’s- curls, community, and culture. Which is what she highlights through her social media accounts daily.

Caro Vera aka Gordita Applebum - The transportation planner and south central native is known for her advocacy of the importance for mental health in communities of color. The self-proclaimed Mental Health Mami holds workshops where she drops self-care gems as well as promoting the importance of opening up to vulnerability. She continues to create spaces where communities of color feel safe enough to share their struggles with mental health struggles.