Jefa Toolkit

You’re the jefa, and we got the tools. Prepare yourself for that big test, new job, or business idea with our Jefa Toolkit.

While you’re busy making moves, we make sure your desk is fully stocked with all of your jefa necessities. Every two months we’ll mail you a beautiful Jefa Toolkit carefully curated with HDTM gear. Just to list a few- mugs, notebooks, stickers, OH MY! Each Toolkit will be totally different than the last, so all you gotta worry about is putting those tools to WERK.

You’re going places, so let us help you get to jefa town with our Jefa Toolkit.
  • Be surprised with a new Toolkit every 2 months.
  • Multiple items per Toolkit, and each Toolkit is different!
  • Cancel your membership anytime.
  • First Toolkit ships out right away!
  • FREE shipping every time!

All sales are final.

Items in images do not exactly represent items in your Jefa Toolkit.