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I'm Patty Delgado the founder, CEO and designer of Hija De Tu Madre, a Latina lifestyle brand. Hija De Tu Madre designs apparel, accessories, and stationary for women that take their culture everywhere.

I am the daughter of two Mexican immigrants, and I always had a hunger for culture, belonging and representation. So in 2016, with $500 (yes, just $500) and a mission to make fashion more inclusive of the modern Latina experience, I launched Hija De Tu Madre.

I am a self-taught designer committed to incorporating a lil bit of my identity in every product I create. Today, Hija De Tu Madre has sold to over 30 countries, and continues to prove to the world that Latinx is the new mainstream.

This is what REAL Latina representation.

Join our mission? 

DM me at @partyskinny