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Hey Mijas! We're back and luchando! We've just dropped our "Girls Just Wanna Get Paid" T-Shirt to bring awareness to the Latina pay gap. Did you know that Latinas earn 54 CENTS for every dollar White male makes? (LCLAA) No? That's okay mija, because 1 in 3 Americans aren't aware. Not only that, this means 42% of people including hiring managers aren't aware of this pay gap either (LeanIn). Why should we care? We should care because this is our livelihood, unfair and stagnant wages not only affect us, but they affect our families as well. We hold so much power in terms of personal consumption, and we're the fastest growing group in terms of business creation that the logical thing would be that our wages reflect that. Think about it, if the GDP of US Latinos were an independent country, it would surpass that of France and Brazil (Lattitude).

Join us in started the dialogue among our amigxs and bring it to your employer as well! It's important that we advocate for ourselves in the work place, and what a better way to start than by looking towards the sources below! Share the photo and spread the word boo! #GirlsJustWannaGetPaid